Room Parents

Being a room parent is a key role in our school. Our goal is to have at least one room parent for each classroom. If you see a classroom that needs a room parent and you would like to volunteer, please contact Emily Simonian, Room Parent Coordinator at

  • These individuals/teams work with teacher and parents/guardians, as a bridge, to build stronger family-school partnerships for the classroom.
  • They encourage easy, two-way communication between teacher and parents on what’s happening in the classroom to support student success.
  • They collaborate with the teacher to identify how families can assist with classroom activities
  • They help recruit parent volunteers for classroom projects and events

Please click the link below to visit a site that provides many helpful tips for room parents as well as sample letters to parents regarding parties and donations. I hope that you find it helpful.

Mrs. Lynn Puskas

Mrs. Allyson Rainey

Mrs. Michelle Gryzanoski

Mrs. Holly Wrobel

Ms. Melanie Wright

Mrs. Stacey Simmons

Mrs. Valerie Bennett

Mrs. Heather McAllister

Mrs. Natasha Rios

Mrs. Robyn Fischbach

Mrs. Jean Cavanaugh